Emergency Parenting Time

Colorado family law courts allow divorce lawyers to bring emergencies to the attention of the court quickly and even allow for a suspension of parenting time pending court action.  These powerful tools, however, must be reserved for true emergencies.  The difficulty for lawyers and clients is determining what circumstances a particular court may consider as an emergency before running down to family law court with an Emergency Motion for Suspension of Parenting Time.  Guessing wrong can have tragic – and expensive – consequences.

Emergency Parenting Time in Colorado Divorce Cases

Colorado and Denver courts have jurisdiction (the power) to issue emergency custody orders only in extreme cases. Colorado statutes provide for a divorce Court to exercise this power only when:

  1. The child is present in the state of Colorado; and
  2. The child has been abandoned; or
  3. The child, a sibling, or parent of the child is in immediate danger of mistreatment or abuse.

Even if another state has jurisdiction over your child custody or parental responsibility arrangements, Colorado can still exercise jurisdiction in emergency situations. In order to prove abandonment or danger of mistreatment or abuse, Colorado courts require substantial proof.

Judges in Denver and throughout Colorado do not make Emergency Custody Orders very frequently as they supersede any existing custody order (regardless of where and when they were issued). In cases where your child is at risk and you would like to seek emergency custody, hiring a knowledgeable attorney is crucial to your case. Our lawyers at Johnson Legal Group specialize in Family Law and have an experienced team of attorneys who work zealously to make sure our client and their children’s best interest are safeguarded by the law.

Our team of lawyers have an outstanding reputation throughout Colorado. We work with the Courts in order to ensure that our client’s children are always safe from abuse and neglect. Our team of attorneys know the laws inside and out and know the best ways to maintain custody arrangements while keeping children free from harm.

If you have questions regarding your specific case, or would like to set up an appointment for a free consultation with one of our lawyers, please contact our Denver office at 303-394-3030 or fill out an online inquiry form.

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